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Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

A communications plan is an essential part of any organization’s daily operation. It’s a living document with measurable goals in order to check accountability and make improvements over time. The document informs internal and external communications, clarifies an organization’s priorities, target audiences, resources and staff assignments, and frames media activities. Knowing how to craft a successful plan that will position our clients for long-term success is the cornerstone of WaterWerks’ strategic communications planning.

We work with clients to identify their organizational communications goals and ensure the activities in the plan supports these goals, guided by their vision, values and beliefs. In the construction of the plan, we help our clients identify target audiences and how to reach them, conduct research into past media coverage and public opinion, develop key messages, timelines, and calendars of events. We also identify and execute strategies and tactics to achieve the plan’s goals, and advise on how to manage resources to achieve the plan’s goals.