Job Postings

Art Director/Designer

WaterWerks Communications is looking for an Art Director / Designer with a strong focus on digital, built upon a solid foundation of design and creative concepting. You don’t just execute ideas, you come up with them, and can lead others in the execution. We are looking for an experienced creative with a clear understanding of possibilities and constraints within both traditional and digital media channels. You will be someone willing to push creative boundaries and understand the need to collaborate with everyone else on our amazingly cross-disciplined team. Above all, you love this business. You have a passion for it.

We’d like to talk to you about your approach to great work. The conversation will include everything that makes you so strong:

Your Experience.
  • Education in Creative thinking and Design
  • Ability to concept ideas
  • A portfolio that makes you proud and demonstrates how you collaborate with a team to integrate great photography, copy, illustration, video or animation for multimedia campaigns
  • Technical skills in Adobe Creative Suite and other industry software
  • Understanding of current digital media platforms and how they function
Your working style.
  • Collaboration. It’s key!! In a modern digital age, the complexity of projects, rapid timelines, and pace of innovation means you cannot work in a bubble. At WaterWerks your ideas will be lifted by the other specialists on our team. You are someone who can get up out of your chair to team up with other people and turn out killer work. You are not a lone wolf, and you have the ability and desire to assist others on your team in any way possible.
  • Applied thinking. You must be a problem solver – actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. You also think expansively and innovatively. You are constantly feeding your curiosity through things like art, poetry, architecture, pop culture and by being part of the conversations happening all around you.
  • Digital and print. Considering the rise of digital technology, understanding how your work travels from the digital realm to the physical world, or vice versa, is a vital part of today’s campaigns.
  • Personality. You are okay with getting uncomfortable. You’re humble enough to go out and experiment with something you have never done, but confident enough to push boundaries and come up with options that no one expected.
  • Communication. You’re an excellent communicator, so you know how to strategically communicate ideas and information effectively to your team and clients, using text and visuals.
  • Attention to detail. Not only do you have an elevated aesthetic, and a great eye for typography and layout, you are also razor sharp when it comes to the details.
  • Time management. You are able to manage your own time. You know when to involve others in the process. You understand that time spent, and budgets are connected.

WaterWerks is into our 20th year serving A list clients. We value not only the skills and dedication our teammates bring to the job – but also what makes each one of them the amazing, quirky, uber-creative, tech hybrid beings they are. To that end, we offer a real balance that nurtures both work and life outside the job. It just makes for happier, well-rounded, productive team players.

If all the above sounds good to you, and you’re looking for an engaging, progressive work environment that’s dedicated to business excellence, we’d love to meet you. All communication will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be sent directly to Salary and Role are negotiable and will reflect abilities and experience.