The Labour Mobility Coordinating Group (LMCG), established by the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM), is made up of officials from all governments (except Nunavut) that signed the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). They are tasked with supporting the coordination, implementation and monitoring of the Labour Mobility Chapter of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and developing ways to reduce barriers to Labour Mobility in Canada. After completing their new branding and website design, WaterWerks was tasked with creating a direct, informative, and friendly video that the group could feature on their new website and later share via social media. The primary goal of the video was to position the LMCG website as a valuable resource for certified workers considering moving to another province or territory. It's meant to introduce the LMCG and communicate that the new LMCG website is the best place to find information and resources on labour mobility and the AIT.