Leading up to election 2017, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL) asked us to help create a campaign to “inspire everyday residents to make the leap into municipal government.” We also had to keep in mind that Make Your Mark would be a long term, public engagement initiative of MNL. It wasn't only about the current election; it was a call to action for potential candidates and citizens to help preserve local democracy by getting involved. We proposed a series of videos, featuring mayors and councillors across the province. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants, each of the videos carried a series of strong key messages. Their words of wisdom were the foundation of an engaging campaign, both in film and in print.

The videos are featured on a campaign website, which also housed resources that would help people understand the “Why” and “How To” become involved in municipal government. The entire effort included developing a new brand, video production of 10 creative stories, social media artwork and custom photo filter, social media marketing, posters, website design, coding, content development, and a rollout strategy, all of which our team of creatives and strategists executed in just six weeks. The campaign was a resounding success, with the Facebook page receiving over 340,000 impressions, while the Make Your Mark Twitter received over 90,000 impressions. The campaign's official hashtag, #MakeYourMarkNL, was used over 700 times. The activity on social media garnered 5600 unique engagements and increased their social followers by 485 people.


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