WaterWerks is very proud to have led the production of a series of videos that presents the past and looks toward the future of the industry. The videos were showcased at the 40th anniversary gala and celebrate long-term members, up and coming leaders and outstanding contributors.

Founding Members Video Production

This video features founding and early members speaking in their own words about what it took to develop our offshore industry and the challenges they overcame. It documents the rise of NOIA from its early days as a collection of business-people fostering an unfamiliar industry, into its current place at the heart of the Newfoundland and Labrador identity.

A Foundation 40 Years in the Making Video Production

Much the same as the oil & gas industry, this video was a collaborative effort. WaterWerks received tremendous assistance from NOIA’s membership. Oil & gas operators, contractors, companies in the service and supply chain, and other communications agencies came together. At times, it felt like everyone in the province had a hand in telling this story. Gordon Pinsent lent his iconic voice, while an original music score was created to present our history - a 40-year journey that spans companies, organizations, and generations.