What’s in a name? Everything. Fortis Properties came to WaterWerks wanting a rebranding strategy for their food and beverage offerings at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland. Our role was to create the brand options, and test them with due and considered diligence.

From a long list of options, and through vigorous internal debate, WaterWerks developed a short list of recommendations for the renaming. We arranged four focus groups of high-end diners to gauge how the brands would be received. Testing methodology was carefully developed to replicate the new restaurant and lounge experience, as the new names needed to match the environment and food offerings. Restaurant and bar naming options were presented orally, visually, and in context adjacent to the architectural drawings. Focus group participants were invited to try the tasty new menu items. Dialogue followed, comments were recorded, and we knew that we had it right: our choice names of Bivver and Oppidan turned out to also be theirs.

With the new identity developed, WaterWerks produced launch videos and followed them with television and radio advertising, online advertising, and outdoor signage. Bivver and Oppidan were names that became the talk to the town.