We are the guardians of some our province’s most iconic brands, many of which we created from the ground up. We also have the privilege of working with nationally established brands – a significant responsibility as branding is a major part of how business goals are achieved. A brand is much more than a logo; it’s a mix of psychology and creativity, brought together to represent a promise. It defines your organization’s personality and is often the intangible element that makes a message relevant and memorable to your target audience. There is much to consider when creating a brand that tells your organization’s story – WaterWerks helps you find your voice.

Content Creation

Creating valuable, relevant, and quality content is a challenge. Ideas need to be supported with carefully chosen words and visuals. Ensuring your messages translate to your target audience requires an approach based in strategy. WaterWerks is your partner when it comes to determining that strategy.

Great content is never created in isolation and that’s why we evaluate your existing content together. We ask the questions necessary to further develop your business image – is this in line with current brand standards? Does it support existing communications messages? Can content be repurposed for a future piece? With these answers, WaterWerks can assist in identifying and developing new content. Whether it’s words, images, or interactive tools, we will effectively and efficiently reach your target audience.


Copywriting is the cornerstone of effective branding and campaign strategies; it ties together imagery and thought to convey messages in a compelling comprehensible way.

When we developed the branding for the Town of Bay Roberts, the councillors resonated with the positioning statement, “Carved from the Sea,” as they felt it is an accurate representation of the origins of their community. Crafting copy that is reflective of your client’s values is an important aspect of any branding campaign.

When creating a campaign for The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, we were able to use six simple words to communicate a strong, powerful, message. The “How Much Life is Lost Waiting” campaign won international acclaim, including the international Gold Quill for excellence in business communication.

Rich Media

At WaterWerks, we understand that rich media allows you to create an interactive and compelling story. This includes anything from graphs and charts to custom icons and animation. We also know that people digest information differently. Short blurbs, detailed charts and tables, engaging pictures and video – there are so many ways to relate a message. The key is determining the right balance. Appropriate media design, presentation of words, and placement within your communication efforts will help mitigate the risk of a disjointed message and contradiction of your brand. Whether you are looking for a straightforward or integrated solution, WaterWerks can help you reach your audience and guide them in the right direction.


Original illustrations can bring creativity, uniqueness, and a renewed sense of self to a project. Whether it’s a charcoal sketch, painting, or pencil drawing, illustrations help convey a message in a way that’s entirely distinct. We are pleased to have a talented, classically trained illustrator to call upon to produce work unique to a project and in a style suited to the project. We also have four staff members trained and skilled in vector digital illustration, graph production, and logo design. These skills are especially relevant for today’s communication tools. Our custom animated infographics and motion graphics are used often in presentations, videos, and online advertising.

TV and Video

WaterWerks’ has the advantage of having an in-house video production team. Housing the appropriate facilities and equipment, we specialize in production for TV, web, and corporate communications. Our streamlined process and award-winning team continuously deliver a polished final result. Before the camera begins rolling, we create scripts and storyboards, cast talent, and scout locations. From directing, cinematography, audio and lighting, set styling, and coordination of highly specialized talent, every detail is carefully managed. Additionally, our talented team can enhance your video through our post-production precision; editing, special effects, animation, and, in some cases, original music scores.


We know how to leverage the power of radio. We understand how a radio campaign can do the heavy lifting for your messages on its own, or as a complement to a larger multimedia marketing effort. Utilizing our in-house recording studio, a huge bank of talented voice artists, and a top-notch producer and copywriter, we create original, persuasive radio.


Smart copy deserves great imagery. Our clients appreciate imagery that is unique to them and authentically supports their key messages. We coordinate lighting, talent casting, equipment, propping, and set styling to ensure seamless photo shoots. Our Director of Photography, Pete Newman, combines talent with top of the line equipment to most effectively shoot in varying locations and conditions. Having Pete on staff allows WaterWerks the flexibility to ‘go with it’ for a guerilla marketing concept, or to carefully conceptualize a shoot.

Digital Advertising

As with all emerging technologies, the way we approach digital advertising is continuously evolving. In order to maintain a successful return on investment, an effective digital strategy paired with multiple creative approaches is essential. With an award-winning team, we accomplish your online objectives through identifying communications goals that are suited to each online channel. We plan and actualize your efforts with websites, social media, and mobile applications. Our writers are trained in online copy, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Our multimedia designers can produce original graphics and images to enhance any promotion. Our production team captures and produces photos and video to create rich media that is optimized for digital advertising. Our coders will seamlessly integrate the overall effort into a tidy package. Not only can we propel your online advertising, we use our expertise to leverage the latest online strategies, giving your audience the best user experience for the outlined budget.


Producing a successful website takes specialized expertise. We put extensive thought into how your online audience thinks, what they want, and how they access you online. We ensure that the user experience is accessible across all devices.

Whether your website needs a refresh, or needs to be created from the ground up, our guaranteed work plan will provide continuity across all mediums. As with any website and mobile application, analytics is crucial to ensure that you are reaching your business and marketing goals. We integrate Google Analytics code into all of our websites to track your website performance. The results can be profound and will direct future planning for continued success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Launching your website is a significant accomplishment. Determining how your users find you and why they remain loyal is the next challenge. This is why during our website development process, we insist on preparing your website so that you are ready to move into SEM. WaterWerks will advise you on the best way to approach your Google Ad experience, ensuring your audience finds you with as much ease as possible.


Branded emails can be an efficient communications tool to keep you connected to your customers. We develop email strategies that are mutually beneficial for you and your consumer base. We have the experience and the know-how to engage online communities, using emerging technologies to extend that engagement.

Social Media

Beginning with a solid roll-out plan, we determine what social media platforms make the most sense for your organization, the type of content that should be produced, and how often it should be pushed out. Social media engages your audience in a way that traditional advertising cannot. Social media is increasingly becoming the most important way to approach these engagements.

WaterWerks also uses specialized data tracking techniques to monitor the performance of your social content. We scan your social channels to review, assess, and respond to online activity, and craft content that fits with trends and supports your campaign plan. Further, social media monitoring provides the added value of keeping in pace with online activity. Using the right tools and software, we ensure every comment, message, or review is immediately viewed. We understand you can’t be there every minute to see what’s happening online – that’s why we take care of this for you, so you don’t miss a thing.

Lastly, we provide you with an easily digestible report so you can visually see your online growth, without working through all the jargon.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps can provide quick and easy access to information while on the go. WaterWerks can develop custom mobile apps optimized for your audience needs. Whether it’s accessible information, a way to engage your audience, or an interactive tool, a mobile app is often a fun and easy and social solution.