Amy Powell

Executive Administrative Officer

Keeping up with this team is no easy task—except for a pro like Amy. With a background in office management and accounting, Amy keeps us on track and in line, even on the most hectic days. On the inside, she’s a drill sergeant. But on the outside, she’s all sunshine and roses.

Amy has always been good at rolling with the punches – just ask her two older brothers. Growing up with them taught her to be a team player and not to take life too seriously. Ethos she now instills in her eight-year-old son, Steven.

Life with boys has enabled Amy to develop an appreciation for organization, cleanliness, and laughter – something she believes is truly the best medicine in life. Some may call her commitment to organization a bit of an obsession, but it’s a trait that makes her such an essential part of our team and a dependable asset to our clients.

This organizational quality leads to Amy’s key to success - maintaining balance. Whether it’s budgets, timesheets, or coordinating a film crew, she is always on top of her tasks. She also manages to maintain a sense of dry humour throughout it all - something many of us could not do with so many competing priorities.

As a mom, Amy’s not afraid to lay down the law, which means no one gets away half-completing their to-do list around here. Thanks to her, our agency is a smooth sailing ship, regardless of the weather. And if you know anything about St. John’s at all, you’ll know that this makes Amy worth her weight in gold.

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