Devon Crosby

Creating In Code … and Stirring Up the Internet

Full Stack Web Development

He inhabits a place where most mortals fear to tread… the mysterious underworld of website coding. It’s there, his face drenched in the light of the screen, Devon absorbs himself in the little-understood realm of  full stack development – the front and back end build plus server management. Using cryptic acronyms like MySQL, PHP, SASS and HTML5. It all may sound a little black ops, but Devon knows them all, inside out and backwards. And he knows a lot more. Like how to utilize Google Analytics to access intel on website effectiveness to make informed decisions on content. Yes, Devon’s a serious operative. He puts these and other uncommon abilities to work daily to produce intuitive, easy-to-use websites that work effortlessly for our clients. Having coded more than two hundred sites, Devon is a rare find. His multifarious wellspring of skills includes SEO, design, gardening, cooking, and fine-art photography. And he’s been known to pick up a drill to build a cedar fence and patio. So, how did this eclectic talent and crack coder end up as one of the best in the business? If we told you that, we’d have to… well, you know. Let’s suffice to say that even when you don’t see him, he’s right here, every day, quietly building websites of the highest calibre. The kind that leaves us and our clients happily stirred – and never shaken.

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