Julie Curtis

Creative Director

Energized, empathic, and approachable with a quick wit and a ready smile, Julie is a gifted innovator in today’s communications world. Her uncanny knack for zeroing in on every client’s needs is both innate and the result of years of training and experience. Julie is a fixer. She believes in the power of ideas and technology – and in using it to wield the greatest good.

As Creative Director, she has made an art form of turning clients into success stories. For Julie, every client’s professional success is an intensely personal mission. And that passion shows up in her leadership of the WaterWerks Team. From creative strategy to the calculated use of tech, Julie has one overarching goal in mind: the greatest possible success of the client. And she delivers.

Her background is full of masterful accomplishments for high profile clients such as MADD Canada which led to her being named 2014 National Fundraiser of the Year. Just one of several worthy causes for which she has given many hours of her time and talents.

When Julie takes a rare and well-deserved break, she can sometimes be seen kicking butt on the nearest soccer field, fine wining and dining, or entertaining her energetic two boys.

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