Kevin Tobin

Creative Director

WaterWerks Creative Director Kevin Tobin has been innovating and driving creativity for 25 years in the agency world. Working his way to the top of creative ranks from his early days as a designer, Kevin has led creative teams operating across Canada and the United States. He credits his success and longevity in the industry to the fantastic people he has worked with. That may be true, but we know it has something to do with his attitude of service to his team and clients. And even though he is an award-winning editorial cartoonist, Kevin gets real fired up about where technology has taken the communications industry. He is always ready to give the big picture view, and approach every challenge with a collaborative and strategic mindset.

Kevin’s lengthy career ensures he has real experience in multiple economic sectors and regional markets. He is the perfect fit to provide direction on WaterWerks’ similarly diverse list of clients.

After hours, when Kevin is not reflecting on emerging tech and work ideas, he is also a caricaturist, a family man, and a gym enthusiast – connecting mind, body and soul, as you would expect of this amazing leader.

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