Pete Newman

Lights, Camera, Sound… and those Rogue Waves

Director of Photography

As our principal photographer, sound technician and film director, Pete’s been making great waves at WaterWerks for years. His world is a kind of master class in contrasts. Image and Sound. Creation and Editing. Flash and Nuance. Whether it’s filming a tv spot, recording a radio ad, or developing digital animation for a web page, we rely on Pete’s experience and instincts to create the signature look and sound for each client. Our resident renaissance man, Pete’s life voyage, so far, includes degrees in both Liberal Arts and Broadcasting, sales training, theatre experience, and producing a show for TSN – a diversity of experience for which he blames an adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity. It’s probably also responsible for the huge reservoir of trivia knowledge with which, incidentally, he often entertains clients and colleagues, alike. But mostly it’s his capable, approachable manner and ready sense of humour that puts everyone at ease. When Pete’s not finessing the look or sound for our clients’ media projects, you can catch him woodworking, reading classic literature, rocking out on bass guitar, or relaxing with a few show tunes. As hard to fathom as that may sound, it’s all part of the creative energy he pours into every project. An inscrutable – and invaluable – part of the crew.

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