Roxanne Morrissey


Unwavering commitment, loyalty and excellence. They’re the consistent results of Roxanne’s every relationship. Her genuine desire for each client’s success is the driving force behind every piece of strategic counsel. And it’s one of the many reasons her clients love working with her. Open, honest communications is another. Analytical and attentive, Roxanne is a fully immersed listener. From the first meeting to final execution, the communications stream runs both ways. Her experience in multiple economic sectors helps clients form a business case to solve problems or seize opportunities in real time. She helps people succeed by harmonizing client intuition and insights with WaterWerks’ team expertise. It’s the kind of work that matters. She understands the work has a real impact on peoples’ lives. Because of the work, someone made more money for their family, someone was inspired to work safely, or someone simply remembered to wash their hands to stop the spread of disease. There is a ripple effect. People’s lives change as a result of the work, and she is still pumped about the profession 20 years in. And when she’s not figuring out a client’s next step, you will find her reenergizing at the pool, or taking in a yoga class. Or at home playing her piano– the one place you might have to fight for her attention.

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