Ryan has the formal training of a Multimedia Production/Digital Animation artist and Program Analyst, but he believes that the best experience comes from hands-on learning. His curious nature leaves him unsatisfied with simply admiring a design trend. When something new catches his eye, he will watch tutorials for hours until mastering the new technique and making it his own.

Ryan’s design solutions are derived from an industry that’s in a state of constant change. But instead of getting caught up in the chaos, he chooses to embrace the evolution. After 20 years of training and experience in the communications industry, Ryan has built a solid reputation by adding a layer of innovation to every project he takes on.

Whether at work or at play, Ryan’s motto is ‘practice makes perfect.’ This can be applied to his musical abilities – which include playing guitar and drums - his love of sports, and his dedication to being the best father he can be to his two boys, Benjamin and Alexander. He’s a dedicated Leafs fan, but his wife cheers for the Habs. Ryan was born on the Northern Peninsula, and lived in several different communities across the island before making St. John’s his home.

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