Sarah Norman

Perfecting the Flow – and Thinking in 3D

Production Manager

Precision layout takes care, concentration, and a keen eye. That’s why we depend on Sarah to pull all the essential elements together to create flawlessly finished projects for our clients. Whether it’s uploading images, designing logo packages, or editing web content, Sarah creates a vivid and beautifully streamlined product designed to exceed clients’ expectations. With formal training in both Graphic Design and Digital Animation, she has the skills and mindset of a true production pro. Relentless – and tireless – in pursuit of production perfection, she continually reassesses each project, ensuring the strongest possible outcome for the client. Plus her awesome organizational skills mean nothing’s ever out of place on Sarah’s watch. And she’s always watching. And Sarah’s giving spirit and sense of teamwork mean that, whatever you need, you can count on her to help it all come together. Sarah loves the flow of her job so much so, she can forget to go to lunch. When she’s not dipping into her pool of skills for our clients, she often can be found immersed in fantasy literature or using her 3D thinking talents for creative craft projects. In our book, it all makes her a great catch – and a multi-dimensional talent.

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