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Video Production

Online videos sell more products and services, and strengthen your brand awareness. Businesses, communities, and governments are seeing the rewards in online video for more than just safety videos and training videos.

Video is a powerful form of communication. Current marketing and advertising trends lean heavily in the direction of online video and mobile delivery. Combine that truth with the current culture of ‘sharing’ and you have the perfect landscape for your message to be seen by more people than ever before.

Video production at it’s simplest form can be a combination of on-screen text, photos and music. Larger productions will include motion graphics, 2D or 3D animations, or a full scale production that requires set design and actors. There is a video solution to fit every budget.

The practical uses for videos are as varied as the choices companies now have to distribute them. Training videos and safety videos can be distributed online or in person at a company presentation. A 30 second TV commercial can appear as YouTube pre-roll, movie cinema advertising or on NTV or CBC News. A corporate video might debut at a sales presentation or trade show, but will also be available on your website. Videos can be quickly emailed to a prospect or posted to social media. They are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to communicate.

Given how far and how fast your message can travel once it is in video form, it is important that your script include accurate and appropriate target audience specific messaging. There is probably little point in expecting a customer to buy by showing them a safety training video. It’s also important that whatever appears in your video serves a purpose – otherwise it serves to distract. Is the spinning text on screen emphasizing a point or is it spinning quite simply because it can. A professional video should always be analyzed from the perspective of the audience, and what you need them to understand.

Video Production is a core WaterWerks service. Our in-house crew are experts in working together using our own equipment. Our clients get results they can see.


WaterWerks Communications has complete in-house video production capabilities. Our award-winning creative team has a full suite of the latest video production tools at their disposal. That means we remain efficient and flexible, with complete control of the post-production process. Video editing, special effects, animations and sound design are all completed right here.

TV Commercials

Television Commercials with expert media planning can still be the only way to reach certain target audiences, but it’s important to remember that TV Commercials aren’t just for TV anymore. TV spots are showing up as YouTube pre-roll, movie cinema pre-show advertising and as social media posts.

Online Videos

Examples of businesses and organizations using online video can be found all over the web. Viral videos make the rounds on social media channels, charities use videos to share results or thank sponsors, and educators can post training videos so that they can be reviewed over and over.

Community Attraction Videos

A well-produced community video can attract both businesses and residents to your community. It can increase tourism, community pride, and inspire the behaviors and attitudes that community leaders would like to strengthen within the community.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos can be used for internal and external messages. They can be used to create a consistent result as in the case of a safety procedure, or they can bring an organization together to help form employee culture. Corporate Videos are invaluable sales tools for tradeshows and Business Development presentations.

Training Videos

Training employees using video can be an efficient use of educator resources. A step-by-step training video of a new process or procedure can free up valuable time spent communicating the same procedure over and over.

Safety Videos

Employees are more likely to engage and remember when shown video footage of their own environment, than when listening to a lecture. Workplace Health and Safety Training Videos are a powerful way to demonstrate a commitment to the safety of your employees and provide the safest work environment.

Animated Videos

A video animation project can be one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of getting your video online, or wherever else it needs to be.Animated video can be as simple as icons and on screen text, to custom 2D illustrations, to the 3D renderings of complex structures.